Thursday, January 02, 2003

Prescription for Khir Toyo

Selangor MB Mohd Khir Toyo can do two things: Go attempt a victimless crime, or seek cure for his premature ejaculation of policies.

The SUN deputy editor R. Nadeswaran says Khir's recent antics over the issue beer advertisements in coffeeshops and restaurants have now become a big issue being discussed in parties and get-togethers. keeps a good account of these.

But instead of sticking to his guns, Khir has made several twists and turns in the wake of stinging editorials in the mainstream Chinese press. In the words of Citizen Nades, "from toning down posters in "family restaurants" to limiting signbiards with beer logos, Khir has gone one complete circle and it has now finally boiled down to licensing."

If mere posters and signboards can give rise to impression that Selangor is a haven for kaki botol, certainly the presence of 4D, Sports Toto and BigSweep outlets would also create the impression that the state is full of kaki judi.

"Khir might as well use the law of the jungle. What's the difference when he is allowed to use his decree to make or change laws and policies without having to consult the tenets of democracy? Citizen-Nades has a point. His next pint is on me.

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